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TIG will be updating the self-advocacy suite.  Please note the resources may be discontinued after the 2023-2024 academic year.

WiTransition App

Increase Self-direction and Self-advocacy

The Transition Improvement Grant has designed a transition app to increase self-direction and self-advocacy for all Wisconsin youth in the transition planning process.  We are excited for youth, schools, families, and agencies to begin using this application! 

This app is designed to help Wisconsin students and family members participate in the transition planning process.   The questions in the app help students give input into the requirements of the state and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Individuals residing outside of Wisconsin may use this free app, but it is recommended that you first check your state laws to ensure the information is applicable.  The information contained in the app is not legal advice.  Please contact an attorney in your state if you need specific advice for your Postsecondary Transition Plan. 

Access the online App here.

Increasing Access for All Learners

Video Example of App in Use: This quick video shows an example of how the app can be used by students and teachers, using the read aloud option.

Transition Planning PowerPoint: This PowerPoint is a visual aid to help guide students throught the App.  It was created by Greta Scherbert, a teacher in Wisconsin.

Tips on Using the App

How to Use the WiTransition App and Your Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP): This document is intended to provide ideas on how to engage youth in leading their IEP meeting.

WiTransition App: Tips for Use: Use this tip sheet to generate ideas on how youth can use this application.

Materials to Support App Use

WiTransition App Paper Application:The paper application is intended to be used when technology isn’t readily available or for youth to complete ahead of time and input information in one sitting.  The application does not save, but a pdf can be generated and emailed to individuals the student chooses.

WiTransition App Paper Application – SPANISH

Welcome to My Transition Planning Meeting Sample PowerPoint:  Students are diverse learners.  This sample PowerPoint template can be used as a visual to share transition highlights during the student’s IEP meeting.

WiTransition Sample PTP Student Report:  This is a sample of the Student Report that is created once a student has gone through the steps using the WiTransition App.

Increasing Family Use

Wisconsin Youth Planning App Invitation: This postcard can be used to invite youth and family to use the WiTransition App to share at their IEP meeting.