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Wisconsin Community on Transition (WiCoT)

The Wisconsin Community on Transition (WiCoT)

Comprised of state level leadership whose focus is on areas of transition for youth with disabilities in Wisconsin, the WiCoT promotes the vision of:  All youth with disabilities will transition to a healthy, full, meaningful life.  This team was created with the purpose to make informed decisions around transition issues and sustain policies and practices that build capacity and lead to positive post school outcomes.  The WiCoT provides professional development opportunities that optimize the ability to collaborate and inform these policies and practices around the state.  This team is invested in youth, families, educators and transition partners statewide. 

CCoT Survey

The information in the report to the right was gathered from a survey created by the Wisconsin Community on Transition (WiCoT).  It was developed to gain information regarding the vision, mission and goals of each of the County Communities on Transition (CC0Ts) in the state. All 72 counties completed the survey and of the 72 counties, there are 6 CCoTs that include more than one county for a total of 60 CCoTs in Wisconsin.

The WiCoT team is comprised of leadership from the following agencies:

  • Department of Public Instruction
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Department of Health Services (Integrated Employment and Children Service)
  • Transition Improvement Grant
  • Independent Living Center
  • Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
  • Youth Apprenticeship Program
  • Wisconsin Technical College System
  • Family Advocate Organizations

Our goal is to provide coaching, leadership and resources to each local County Community on Transition (CCoT) in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Community on Transition

To learn more about the WiCoT or how to participate please email or call Pam Jenson at (608) 921-1400.