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Wisconsin Self-Directed Transition Planning: Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Resources

The Transition Improvement Grant (TIG) has created 15 lesson plan starters intended to be used by teachers to support self-direction with the Wisconsin Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP). 

View lesson plans online at this link.

About the lesson plans

These lessons are aligned with the Wisconsin Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP) application and were designed to be used by educators to support self-directed transition planning and instruction.  The lessons are to be considered “starter lessons” and used in small sections or to develop an entire semester course.  Each lesson introduces a basic concept of transition planning but also outlines extension activities to be used when creating a full course curriculum.  

Lesson Plan Resources

Along with the lesson plans, you will find a Scope and Sequence that includes the lesson plan titles along with the intended learning objective of that lesson plan.   

WiLesson Plan Site:    Each Lesson Plan includes: 

• Learning Objective
• Materials and Prep
• Guided and Independent Practice
• Performance Assessment
• Family Engagement
• Career and College Readiness Principals
• Educator Reflection
• Extension Activities