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TIG will be updating the self-advocacy suite.  Please note the resources may be discontinued after the 2023-2024 academic year.

Summary of Performance

Procedural Requirement:  “A public agency must provide the child with a summary of the student’s academic achievement and functional performance, which shall include recommendations on how to assist the student in meeting the student’s measurable postsecondary goals.”

– Federal Register Vol. 71 No. 156 300.305(e)(3)

Who Needs a SoP? 

The Summary of Performance was made a requirement for students with disabilities upon the reauthorization of IDEA in 2004.  The SoP is required for students with disabilities who:

  • Graduate from high school with a regular diploma
  • Exit high school due to reaching the maximum age (21)
  • Complete a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) within a DPI approved General Education Development Option #2 (GEDP #2) program

Note:  Students who drop-out of school are not required to receive a SoP.

When is the SoP Required?

Eligibility for a free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) ends when a student is granted a regular diploma, or at the end of the school term in which the student turns 21.  The summary of performance must be provided at a reasonable point prior to graduation. 

It is not necessary to conduct an IEP meeting to develop the SoP.  However, as a best practice, educators may choose to prepare a SoP earlier for students who are: transferring to another school, meeting with the Disability Coordinator at a college, or applying for DVR Services, since the intent of the SOP is to provide crucial information to those organizations who may assist the student in the future. 

This document does not qualify a student for adult services, but does assist in establishing a student’s eligibility for reasonable accommodations and supports at the postsecondary level. 

What Form Should be Used? 

The form selected is a district decision.  The district can either elect to use the Best Practice Summary of Performance Document or the P3/P4 (Notice of Graduation or Ending Services due to age). Refer to A Guide to Developing a Best Practice Summary of Performance and Notice of Graduation resource.

How Can I Make this Document Meaningful for My Students?

Let the student drive the process, this will ensure that they have knowledge about what is in the document.  Consider the following activities to prepare the student to be a strong Self-Advocate.

  • Have the student present the information in their SoP to support practice of sharing this information with adult service agencies.
  • Develop a plan with the student and the family of where to store the document, who to share it with, and what to do if they have questions.
  • Continue the discussion with the student about their disability and how they will need to advocate for supports and services once they exit high school.
  • Check out the TIG Self Directed Lesson Plans including: Lesson Plan 15 which focuses on the Student Summary of Performance.