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Special Education Transition Incentive Grant

About the Grant

The Special Education Transition Incentive Grant is a categorical aid program that was created under 2015 Act 55 of the 2015-17 state biennial budget. The state law specifies that each district is eligible for up to $1,000 per student meeting the criteria of participation in higher education, other postsecondary education or training, or competitive employment through the results of the Indicator 14 Survey. Districts are required to accept or reject the funding each year.

Grant funding

Districts are eligible for monies through the Transition Incentive Grant based on the number of former special education pupils from the district who indicated they met specific postsecondary education or paid work outcomes, in their responses to the Indicator 14 Survey required to meet DPI’s Indicator 14 requirements. The students are surveyed in the year after graduating/exiting high school. The number of qualifying surveys and the amount of money in the state budget determine if the amount is prorated each year. The districts receive the funding as an aid transfer payment from DPI.

For further information on the Transition Incentive Aid-Impact on IDEA’s Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Document, please visit this document.

Funding Examples

Transition Incentive funds have assisted school districts in moving transition forward in many ways.  Some examples include using funding for professional development opportunities for educators and using funding to pay staff to complete the Indicator 14 survey over summer, or to pay St. Norbert SRI for completing the surveys.  Other districts are funding the start-up of student run businesses including coffee shops and t-shirt design businesses.  Transportation is another area that districts are spending these funds.  These funds can be used to provide many creative ideas and opportunities for students.

The Transition Incentive Grant

To learn more about the Transition Incentive Grant or how to participate, please visit the Indicator 14 website. You can also email or call Alicia Reinhard at (608) 266-1146.