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TIG will be updating the self-advocacy suite.  Please note the resources may be discontinued after the 2023-2024 academic year.

Guiding Your CCoT to Success!

Welcome to our four part series on tips and strategies you can utilize within your CCoT to promote success for students with disabilities. Below you will find the recorded live sessions, as well as handouts and links you can utilize. You will also find activities you can conduct with your CCoT between sessions that will help you prepare and participate.

Guiding Your CCoT Kickoff


After the CCoT Kickoff, review the following activities with your CCoT Team.

  1. Gather your data. Using the CCoT Toolkit, look at the different areas you can gather data. This information can be found under the section: Measuring Successful Outcomes.
    • Indicator 14 Data
    • WISEDash Public – enrollment, attendance, assessments, discipline, graduation, and dropout.  Desegregate by sex, race, socioeconomic, disability
    • WisConomy – what is the labor market like in your county?
    • Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship – How many youth are involved, which employers, and what areas of the market?
    • CCoT Event Data – What events have you held in the past year?  Bring any information regarding attendance, feedback, outcomes
  2. Review your CCoT’s Goals.
    • Are your goals written out and shared with all team members?
    • Are your goals written to ensure that they are concise and measurable?
    • Prepare a list of your goals to bring to the October 28th session

Watch the video to learn how to navigate various websites to collect data for your CCOT.

Session 1: Digging into the Data

During this session, we focused on gathering the data from various sources. Breakout rooms were utilized to ensure each region was able to get to their data and look at trends or possible areas they would like to address with their CCoT teams.

Watch the CCoT Facilitator Network Session to see how members of the WiCoT team can support your CCoT

Session 1 Activities

Use the Guiding Questions below to discuss the data from the websites with your CCoT team. Identify possible areas you would like to address and bring these to the next session.

Team Members:

  1. Using what you learned in Session 1, work with your team to analyze your data and finalize your goals.
  2. Look at your team and list the members and the areas they represent. Based on your data and goals, brainstorm ideas on who else should be included on your CCoT team.
  3. Based on your goals, what/who are the community resources your CCoT can utilize? Employers, agencies, community members, secondary educators, therapists, etc.