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TIG will be updating the self-advocacy suite.  Please note the resources may be discontinued after the 2023-2024 academic year.

Transition Improvement Plan (TIP)

The TIP Online Tool

The TIP is a free online tool to help individual educators, school and/or district teams positively impact the post school outcomes of students with IEPs by:

  • Learning about evidence-based transition practices
  • Completing a self-assessment of current transition practices
  • Engaging in in-depth transition improvement planning
  • Implementing new transition practices

About the TIP

The TIP was created from the work of the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT).  This tool can be used as a part of a district’s continuous improvement planning process under IDEA.  There are 5 sections in which activities are rated in the Transition Improvement Plan (TIP) including:

  • Partnerships-Partnerships engage family and community transition partners and provides transition programming focused on supports and services. Youth with involved transition partners report increased post high school satisfaction and success in many areas of adult living.
  • Interpersonal Skills-Youth who demonstrate life skills through self-advocacy, social skills and community experiences while in high school report increased satisfaction in post high school living.
  • Instructional Supports-These supports include school-based programs, curriculum and inclusion in general education activities and programming. Success in these areas leads to increased outcomes in many areas of adult living.
  • Employment Preparation-Participation in employment preparation provides employment experiences and helps youth prepare for entry into employment after high school.
  • Career Preparation-Participation in activities or career preparation and occupational readiness helps prepare youth for further education and/or entry into employment.

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