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2023-2024 Transition Readiness Grants Q & A Session Recording Now Available:


To help assess your learning pre and post course,  please answer the following assessment questions and use a scale of 1-5. Using a likert scale, you will read each statement and rate yourself on a scale of 1-5, with one being disagree, this is not happening at this time, to a 5 being an agreed statement and you are currently implementing.

Pre-Assessment: Job Coaching for the Para Educator

I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses as a job coach.
When working with a student I make sure I access a student’s IEP, PTP and BIP (if applicable) to better understand how to support the student.
I use multiple strategies to build positive relationships with the students, teachers and community members I work with.
I employ strategies to effectively communicate with students, teachers and community members that reduce personal biases.
Prior to working with students, I actively engage in discovery of district and school procedures and policies to ensure I am following protocols.
When working with a student using a task analysis plan, I utilize appropriate prompts and accommodations with a goal for fading supports.
I utilize individualized proactive and positive strategies when supporting student behavioral needs in the workplace.