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2023-2024 Transition Readiness Grants Q & A Session Recording Now Available:

Introduction – Job Coaching for the Para Educator


Welcome!  The Transition Improvement Grant staff are happy you are here and are excited to support you in your learning on how to support students with IEPs, specifically in a community-based employment setting . You play an absolutely vital role in the success of students and we couldn’t do this work without you.  Thank you for all that you do and welcome to the self-paced Introduction to Job Coaching for the Para Educator.

Course Objective

Through this professional learning module, participants will gain an understanding of strengths and weaknesses as a job coach, knowledge of student school records, strategies to build positive relationships, communication with the student’s support system, the ability to follow policies and practices, task analysis methods, prompts and accommodations to promote fading practices, and strategies to promote positive behavior in the workplace. This professional learning module will offer videos, reading materials, tools, and examples from the field. Reflection activities will also be included to assist in your learning, strategies, mindset, and growth as a job coach.

Sections of this course will include:

  1. What is a Job Coach
  2. Special Education 101
  3. Relationships Matter
  4. Communication 
  5. Expectations of a Paraprofessional
  6. Behavior Happens
  7. How to Job Coach