Transition Improvement Planning Tools

The Transition Improvement Plan (TIP) and Graduation Rate Improvement Plan (GRIP) utilize the resources developed by National Technical Assistance Centers, Universities, and State Department of Educations to create tools individual educators and school team can use to assess transition and dropout policies, practices and strategies to create plans of improvement that ultimately result in more youth with disabilities staying in school and realizing greater post school success.

Resources and technical assistance provided by:

- Wisconsin Post School Outcomes (WiPSO): WI Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and the National Post School Outcomes Center (PSO Center)

- Transition Improvement Plan (TIP): National Predictors of Post School Success: National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC) and the PSO Center

- Graduation Rate Improvement Plan (GRIP): DPI, WI RtI Center, TIG, National Dropout Prevention Center, National Dropout Center – Students with Disabilities, IES What Works Clearinghouse – Dropout Prevention, National High School Center, National Technical Assistance Center for Transition (NTACT) and the National High School Center.

- Visit the new National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT) website!

New for August 2016

In August 2016, TIG updated the TIP tools and added the GRIP. You can see details in the boxes below.   

Access a TIP your created at or create a new individual or school team TIP or GRIP using the links below. If you created a TIP using the TIG website prior to July 2016, you may access the plan here until June 30, 2017. Click on "View Predictor Activities and Set Tasks" and select your plan from the orange box on the right.

The PSO website provides tools and resources to:
- Enter district post school outcomes surveys
- View District Indicator 14 results
- View State and District PSO data and reports
- Use PSO Tools
- Find resources to help youth and families understand Indicator 14 and increase response rates.

TIP Tools

Click TIP tools to:
- Learn about and rate the Predictors and Evidence-Based Transition Practices
- Use that information to create a personalized Transition Improvement Plan
- Review PSO data and TIP annually to show efforts are positively impacting student transition goals and outcomes

GRIP Tools

Click GRIP tools to:
- Review district and statewide Graduation and Dropout Rates
- Learn about the National Dropout Prevention strategies and Evidence-Based Practices.
- Use that information to create a personalized GRIP
- Review data and GRIP annually to show efforts are positively impacting successful school completion and graduation rates