2012 Transition Academy: Employment of Youth

2012 WITIG Transition Academy: Employment of Youth

Updated Academy Program

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Session 1:  Resources, Programs, and Tips for People on the Autism Spectrum Planning for Postsecondary Education--Daniel Parker

Session 2:  Work-Based Learning Options for High School Students--Sara Baird

Session 3:  Disability Disclosure--Andrew Berlin and Rhonda Lewan

Session 4:  Approaching Employers--Michelle Uetz

Session 5:  Wisconsin Let's Get to Work:  A Policy and Practice Approach to Launching Youth with Disabilities Into the Workforce--Jenny Neugart

Session 6:  Employment is Possible--Jessica Thompson, Sarah Lincoln, Tammy Hofmeister, John O'Keefe, Neal Minogue and Ellie Hartman

Session 7:  Reality Bites:  Living in an Adult World--Laura Plummer and Cindi Pichler

Session 8:  Adults on the Autism Spectrum:  Finding Employment That Works--Youth Panel

Session 9:  New Child Labor Law Guide--Jim Chiolino

Handouts provided at the session

Session 10:  Authorizing Supported Employment Job Coaching for Family Care, Partnership and PACE Members--Tammy Hofmeister

Session 11:  Skills to Pay the Bills--Pam Jenson

Session 12:  An Individualized Approach to Providing Access to Employment for Students with Significant Disabilities--Edward Sheehy

Session 13:  Working, Learning, and Becoming an Independent Young Adult--Nicole Borley

Session 14:  Making Connections and Creating Effective Community Based Programs to Serve 18-21 Year Old Students with Disabilities--Steve Gilles

Session 15:  Natural Supports for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum in the Workplace--Jen Bourget, Holly Lee and Chris LeRose

Session 16:  ABCs of Job Development, Coaching and Supports--Brian Kenney

Session 17:  Vocational Futures Planning and Support--Dan Johnson

Session 18:  Employment First Wisconsin--Nancy Molfenter

Session 19:  Systematic Instruction:  Teaching in Employment Settings--Ryan Schultz

Handouts provided at the session

Session 20:  Creating Employment Goals with Career Clusters and Pathways--Wendi Dawson and Sara Baird

Handouts provided at the session

Session 21:  Building Work Skills in Educational Settings--Beloit, Burlington and Stoughton school districts