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TIG Times Newsletter - May 2017

TIG Times Newsletter - May 2017...

Guiding Principles for Competitive Integrated Employment

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) has established a list of Guiding Principles that build on the value of full inclusion of people wit...

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Spotlight News

Transition Coordinator Meeting November 13, 2013 - News

The November Transition Coordinator's Network meeting was an evening of inspiration, laughter and a powerful example of communities and relationships creating successful employment outcomes for our students!

This TCN meeting brought together two panels; one of employers and one of a team that worked together to create a successful transition for one young man. The stories and information from these panelists gave the audience real life examples of successful employment outcomes and best practice in transition planning.

The first panel of our evening featured employers who have students with disabilities as a part of their workforce.  The members were:  Deanne Fischer and Matt Miller: Culvers; Franchise Training Specialist, Sauk Prairie and Baraboo Store Manager, Jerry Extrovich: Gatehouse Gardens, Baraboo, Jeff Winkler: Vita Plus Plant Manager: Madison, Mark Przywojski, Festival Foods, Holmen, WI, Gen Radloff: Hospitality Consultant, Wis. Dells, Tracie Lange, Bethesda Thrift Store manager, LeAnne Cordrey, Starbucks, Wis. Dells.  A big shout out of thanks to these employers for taking time to share their perspectives and for the difference they make in students' lives.   They are improving employment outcomes for students with disabilities one by one in the state of Wisconsin.

The employment panel was moderated by the Northern Transition Improvement Grant Regional coordinator, Kathy Tuttle.  As the panel answered and discussed their questions, they shared their stories and successes along with their perspectives on how to create collaborations with schools and agencies.  They also shared strategies that create working environments which build student success.  The overall message that came across to the audience was how important the relationship with the job developer or schools is and also , communication is key to initial and continued success for our students.   Not only did those in the audience learn from this message, the panel also learned from each other! 

The next panel was a team that was part of a successful postsecondary story for one young man; Michael Monthey.  Michael started his story off telling about his journey and where he is at today.   Through his discussion, he shared his perspectives on transition. He shared what worked for him and how he is still learning and planning. Michael then introduced his team of: Jolene Wheeler and Kathy Gray: Northwoods Inc. of WI Vocational Rehabilitation Facility for Adults with Multiple Disabilities - (Employment Agency), Aimee Jones: Tractor Supply Company, Portage (employer), Janelle Donohue, (natural supports), Charlene Berg: Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR),  LaNae Jabas, former Transition Coordinator for Portage Schools.   

Each team member shared their part in his story, starting with the community member who knew him from 4-H, then his teacher and finally his current employer. The agencies that were involved along the way; DVR and Northwoods, shared how they became involved, and their current and continued roles in Michael's story.  The overall message from the panel was they focused on Michaels' strengths and they worked together as a team.  A big shout out of thanks to this panel as well!  We are grateful for their time and giving the audience a working perspective of best practices in transition planning.

Michael ended the evening with some closing remarks. The audience's response?  A standing ovation! I believe that says it all! 

Articles Of Interest

Dodgeville Disability Mentoring Day Success
Contributed by Brian Kenney, TIG Southern Regional Coordinator

National Disability Mentoring Day

 Disability mentoring Day has become a national event throughout the country.  Schools and agencies are working with businesses in the community to provide a real-world experience for students with disabilities for hands-on career exploration.  The businesses provide a mentoring to the students according to their expressed interest areas.  Many businesses allow the students to see the tools of the trade, watch the business in action and even participate in trying out some skills such as flower arranging, computer drafting programs, and designing outfits for mannequins. 

 October 22nd has been designated as Mentoring Day in Dodgeville for students with disabilities.  A total of 78 students registered from Dodgeville, Darlington, Pecatonica, Argyle, Mineral Point, Iowa-Grant, Highland, Barneveld and Belmont have been selected to participate in a job shadow experience with 47 different Dodgeville area businesses. 

The event began at Hidden Valley Community church where students met and were greeted by Mayor Todd Nowak.  Students were then transported to area businesses for a 45 minute job shadow.  Students had an opportunity to shadow three different businesses during the day.  Businesses who volunteered to participate include.  Their time and support for the area schools is greatly appreciated.

 Students also had three workshop sessions between their job shadows.  Aging and Disabilities Resource Center (ADRC) spoke to students about the services they offer.  Their presentation was in the format of a "Minute to Win It" game that reflected upon the difficulty of handling day to day juggles.   Brian Kenney from the Transition Improvement Grant shared various school-to-work opportunities.  Judy Berg from the Courtesy Corporation McDonald's came to speak to students about employability skills and job applications. 

 The Iowa and Lafayette County Community on Transition (CCOT) is made up of Special Education  teachers from each school and community resources of Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), SouthWest Technical College, ADRC, and Hodan center.  Iowa and Lafayette County TAC team has been working together to honor National Mentoring Day in our area for seven years.   

Transition Academy 2013 - Award Winners

Each year, the Transition Improvement Grant team circulates a request for nominations of individuals for consideration for the Distinguished Educator, Outstanding Family Member and Distinguished Adult Service Provider Awards.  Below are the winners for the 2013 Transition Academy.  Please consider the importance of the work that someone you know is doing in assisting youth in transition.  Watch for award nomination forms as planning for Transition Academy 2014 gets under way.


 Kari Dombrowski: Distinguished Adult Service Provider

Kari runs the Art Applause program at Portal, Inc. in Saukville, WI. She consistently provides interesting and engaging art projects for clients with a wide-range of disabilities there. She uses many different mediums and encourages them to express themselves and celebrate their individuality freely. She promotes their creations in the community as well, with displays from the program view-able at many local businesses and art centers. Never have I seen such pride on the part of the clients and on their behalf through Kari. She was an inspiration to me when I was employed there and is an inspiration to those individuals she serves every day. Everyone is an artist - and capable of creating beautiful things when they work with her.

Ron Malloy: Co-Recipient of the Outstanding Family Member Award

Ron has supported his daughter, Alexis, who is a recent graduate from New Berlin HS to start her own business and live in her own apartment. Ron and Alexis have paved the way for others in Waukesha county. Alexis has achieved so much with the support her parents. She was the first IRIS participant and she was also the first person in Waukesha County to work with DVR using the Customized Self-Employment process. Not only is Ron a champion in his daughter's life, he supports and organizes other families in Waukesha county so that they too have the information and resources they need to support their sons and daughters to live meaningful lives in the community.


Lori Volkman: Distinguished Educator

 Lori Volkman is the type of teacher that any parent of a child with special needs would desire to have. Lori has an innate ability when working with students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities and a heart of absolute gold. As part of a school district that was a recipient of the "Let's Get to Work" grant a couple of years ago, Lori was challenged to take working with her students to the next level. While managing a grant can be time-consuming and stressful, Lori has jumped right in to make sure her students would thrive with the additional resources the district received. She helped to think outside the box and make sure the students found success within the grant projects, which featured a couple of new businesses and numerous field trips, including Washington DC for Advocacy Day. While on these trips, she assisted with broken ankles and took the lead on bathing and numerous "glorious" jobs that taking an overnight entail. The entire time, whether it was dinner at Chili's or swimming in a hotel pool, Lori TAUGHT. She taught about hygiene; she taught about budgeting; she taught about manners; and she taught by example.

Martha DeYoung: Co-Recipient of the Outstanding Family Member Award

Martha has been a strong advocate for her son who has a disability. She is always sharing stories and talking about the new things her son is doing. She has been a role model for her family and son for many years. She is also a key member of the WSPEI team, including leading the Youth in Partnership with Parents for Empowerment (YIPPE) and Parents in Partnership (PIP) trainings state-wide.

Transition Coordinator Meeting - March 2014

Transition Coordinator Network Meeting

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
8:30 a.m. -- 3:30 p.m.
CESA 1 Office
Pewaukee, WI

Register now for an informative session with the ACT Suite Presentation from DPI.
Exciting topics are being finalized for the afternoon portion of the TCN Meeting.
Watch for a detailed email in the near future. 

More Information from Transition Academy Sessions

Transition Academy 2013 Presentations and handout materials can be viewed at the Academy Info Page.  If you have any questions or comments regarding your experience at the Transition Academy, please send your comments to Pam Jenson at pamj@witig.org.  

Wisconsin Post School Outcomes/Indicator 14 Survey News
Contributed by Mary Kampa & Jenny Jacobs, PSO Outcomes

Wisconsin Post School Outcomes/Indicator 14 Survey and
the Predictors of Post-School Success

 To help readers understand the Post-School Outcomes (PSO) data and the Predictors, we are providing an article in each issue of the TIG e-newsletters during the 2013-14 school year. Through this series, we will present portions of the most recent outcomes data and introduce several of the 16 Predictors of Post-School Success.

Click here to see full article

Planning underway for the 2014 Transition Academy

2014 Wisconsin Statewide Transition Academy

Friday, October 17, 2014
Glacier Canyon Lodge 
Conference Center

Wisconsin Dells, WI

Plan now to attend the 2014 Wisconsin Statewide
Transition Academy to explore model programs,
hands on workshops and best practices in the field
of transition.  Next year the academy will include
sectionals specific to professionals, parents and youth!

Experience the single-best opportunity to immerse yourself in the field of transition and network with
colleagues from around the state!


Request a Training

Click the link below to see our Request a Training form.  You can also access the complete list of trainings available through the Transition Improvement Grant.

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Becoming a Self-Advocate Curriculum Available
Contributed by Brenda Swoboda, TIG Western Regional Coordinator

On Thursday, December 5th, 2013, 40 educators and agency personnel came together to talk about the visions we have for our students with disabilities and the importance of teaching about self-advocacy.  Lisa Hebgen, an Outreach Specialist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and one of the authors of the Becoming a Self-Advocate curriculum, led a day where educators, agencies, and post-secondary personnel engaged in dialog about the implementation of the Becoming a Self-Advocate curriculum. During the workshop participants engaged in curriculum activities, discussed the integration of the curriculum into their educational settings, and talked about how to better prepare students for postsecondary education and employment.

Comments from participants included:  

"Using this curriculum I plan to develop a comprehensive self-advocacy program."

"I hope that I can implement the curriculum so my students become better self-advocates who are more aware about their disabilities and accommodations."

"Using this curriculum I hope to have better outcomes for my graduates!"

"By using this curriculum I expect some clients to take away a sense of ownership of their short and long term goals."

"We will use this curriculum in all three of our high schools and with our 18-21 year old students."

"We will use this curriculum to supplement our current language arts curriculum."

 When you think about your students heading out into the work,  what vision do you have?
 This?  Or This?

The Transition Improvement Grant staff is partnering with Lisa Hebgen and the University of Wisconsin-Madison in order to make the Becoming a Self-Advocate curriculum accessible to more teachers and agencies across Wisconsin.  If you are interested in hosting a training on the Becoming a Self-Advocate curriculum, make sure to check out the Transition Improvement Grant (TIG) website at www.witig.org and click on the Request a Training link at the top.  By completing this request, you will be put in touch with your local TIG Regional Coordinator, who will work with you to set up training for your school or agency.  An overview of the curriculum can be found on page 15 of our October newsletter: http://www.witig.org/102013%20TIG%20Newsletter.pdf

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