TCN Resources


Handouts and Resources from the March 2016 TCN Meeting

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Handouts and Resources from the December 2015 TCN Meeting

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Resources from March 10, 2015 TCN Meeting

Wisconsin Technical College System Handout
Wisconsin Youth Health Transition Initiative
Try it, Learn it, Use it, Succeed with it: The Integration of Assistive Technology in Transition
College Ready
Summary of Performance Worksheet
Summary of Performance PowerPoint
Wisconsin Connections Academy Handouts

Resources from December 5, 2014 TCN Meeting
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
Wisconsin Technical College System Disability Services Webpage
Wisconsin Technical College System Guidebook for Fiscal Year 2015
The LGTW Quick Guide Based on the 5 C's pf Transition Practices
Let's Get To Work Quick Guide Resources
Increasing the Spectrum of Jobs in Healthcare
The Third Story: Achieving a Meaningful Life Through Active Hope
Wisconsin Promise
Transition for Adam
Resource Websites - Compiled by Next Step Consulting
WiPSO Autism Outcomes
WiPSO CD Outcomes
WiPSO EBD Outcomes
WiPSO SLD Outcomes
A National Survey of Consumer Attitudes Towards Companies the Hire People with Disabilities


Resources from March 4, 2014 TCN Meeting

Back Channel - available online for one year
DHS Updates - from TCN Meeting 03/04/2014
ACT Suite Presentation - from TCN Meeting 03/04/2014
SMARTER Balance Presentation - from TCN Meeting 03/04/2014
Transition for Families Form - from TCN Meeting 03/04/2014
PTP for Students with Significant Disabilities - from TCN Meeting 03/04/2014
Course Options News Release - from TCN Meeting 03/04/2014
Scholarship Application/Info - from TCN Meeting 03/04/2014
PROMISE Grant Info - from TCN Meeting 03/04/2014
Wisconsin Retired Educators Association Grant - Challenge Grant Info
A New Way of Thinking Guide - Updated version coming soon!
Wisconsin Technical College System - Disability Services Info

Resources from November 13, 2013 TCN Meeting
Agenda or TCN Meeting 11/13/2013

Handouts from the October 8, 2013 TCN Meeting
Back Channel - available online for one year
DHS Updates:  from TCN Meeting 10/08/2013
You Can Work: DHS Brochure
Dual Enrollment - Presentation 10/08/2013
Dual Enrollment - Hand out 10/08/2013
School to Work - Hand out 10/08/2013
Learning for Independence - Presentation 10/08/2013

Handouts from the March 6, 2013 TCN Meeting
Individualized Employment Portfolio
Visual Resumes
Link to Example Video Resume
DHS Update: March TCN meeting
Prevocational Services in the Family Care and Family Care Partnership Programs
TR4Y Website Overview Presentation
TR4Y Overview
TR4Y Activities
Sample Predictor Rubric
Community Conversations for Employment
Community Conversations Initial Planning Form
WSTI-TR4Y Brochure
WSTI-TR4Y Brochure with Notes

Handout from the November 28, 2012 TCN Meeting

Assistive Technology: The Answer--Or Is It?

Handouts from the October 10th and 12th, 2012 TCN meetings:

DHS Transition Update
2011 State Trend Data for DPI, DVR, DHS

DVR Update

Work-Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeship

Child Labor Laws and Student Learners

Soft Skills to Pay the Bills

Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Program

Wisconsin Skills Standard Certificate Programs