For Parents:

A parent's role in transition is an active one.

  1. Listen. Be there to provide support and consultation, as your student explores and experiments with his or her choices. Be open to the goals set by your son or daughter.

  2. Encourage them to make connections. Whether your student is pursuing post-secondary education, joining the military or seeking employment, reaching out to reliable sources of information and trusted members of the community for support are critical to moving through the process and gaining the confidence to take the necessary big steps toward success after high school.

  3. Be fearless...take risks...make mistakes. Accepting and learning from our choices and our experiences is an important part of problem-solving, developing a future plan and can often open us up to new and, previously unthought-of, experiences.

  4. Work together. While our son or daughter will seek assistance from others, will value the opinions and advice of others and you will need to remain connected with others, there is no replacement for positive, active, engaged parental support and guidance.

  5. Keep moving forward. There will be times when the process of becoming an adult can get complicated or when obstacles can rise up.  Asking for help or deciding to take on challenges a step-at-a-time can still bring your son or daughter to the goals they have set.

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