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health careNot unlike learning to drive, graduating from high school or moving out of the family home, transition in healthcare is a milestone that parents and young adults will experience together. By the time a youth enters high school, it is important that parents and healthcare providers talk together with him/her about having greater involvement in their own care. This can begin with participation during clinic visits and working towards interacting directly with his/her healthcare provider. Over time, young adults will be encouraged to gradually take on greater responsibility, such as medication monitoring, calling healthcare providers on their own with questions or concerns about their own care, and making their own appointments. All of this is a gradual process that will start with parents as a "safety net" providing prompts and reminders as the young adult learns to take on more and more responsibility for their healthcare.  There are also resources that have been developed to help young adults, parents and healthcare providers understand the transition process. Some of those resources are listed here.

Transition to Adult Health Care:  This training guide from the Waisman Center was designed to educate those working with youth and young adults with special health care needs.  These materials focus on practical information and skills for preparing for this important aspect of transition.

Transition Health Care Checklist: Preparing for Life as an Adult:  This resource from the Waisman Center was designed to help youth and young adults with special health care needs and disabilities make a successful transition to adult living that includes their education, health and community living.

Healthy and Ready to Work National Resource Center - Transition planning manuals and brochures for students with disablities and special health care needs.

Medical Home Toolkit for Families with Children with Special Health Care Needs
In this Toolkit, Wisconsin physicians and families share their stories and insights on creating a Medical Home Partnership. They will guide you through the key steps of quality improvement - the small steps that can make big differences for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.

The "This is Healthcare in Transition" video series was developed through a contract from Children's Medical Services to the University of Florida to help youth and young adults with chronic health conditions and their families be better prepared for adulthood, especially the move from pediatric to adult-oriented health care.

Part 1 - Focuses on "What does transition mean to me"

Part 2 - Focuses on "Taking control of the decision making process"

Part 3 - Focuses on learning about your health care needs, participate in your health care decision, and becoming responsible for all your health care related needs.

Part 4 - Focuses on taking charge of all decision related to your health care needs as an adult.

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