2014 Statewide Transition Academy: College and Career Ready! Program Sessions

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Block 1

Session 2: Preparing and Supporting Youth   Handout      Handout 2

Session 3: Improving Employment Opportunities for Youth in Transition   Handout     Handout 2     Handout 3     Handout 4

Session 5: Functional Academics for Students with Autism Transitioning to Supportive Employment   Handout

Session 6: Transition in Rural Districts   Handout

Session 7: Trauma Informed Care   Handout

Session 8: Let's Get to Work   Handout 1     Handout 2

Session 9: Different Ability   Handout

Block 2

Session 1: iSafety   Handout

Session 3: ACT High School Assessments in Wisconsin   Handout

Session 4: Oh the Places Youth May Go   Handout

Session 5: Putting the PTP to Work for You and the Families You Work With   Handout

Session 6: Empower the Para: Building Teams for Student Success in Transition   Handout

Session 8: Helping Students Create Full and Meaningful Days   Handout 1     Handout 2     Handout 3

Session 9: The Ultimate Circle of Support   Handout 1     Handout 2     Handout 3

Session 10: Transition to Adult Health Care   Handout 1     Handout 2

Block 3

Session 3: DVR's Picture of Transition   Handout

Session 4: The Transition Journey - Post Secondary Planning and Preparation   Handout

Session 5: Self Advocacy for Youth   Handout 1     Handout 2     Handout 3     Handout 4

Session 6: What We Know About the Post School Outcomes   Handout 1     Handout 2

Session 8: You Can Work! Employment Planning and Long Term Supports   Handout

Session 9: What Happens After School?   Handout

Session 10: Encouraging Independence and Self Reliance   Handout 1     Handout 2

Block 4

Session 1: Making the Most Out of iPads and Tablets   Handout     

Session 3: Social Security Disability Benefits   Handout 1     Handout 2

Session 4: Wisconsin PROMISE   Handout 1     Handout 2

Session 6: NHS Transition Education Center   Handout

Session 7: Ubuntu: Building a Responsive Classroom Community   Handout 1     Handout 2     Handout 3